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SBA Loan Benefits for Mixed Use Loan Applicants

Before the launch of Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, many small businesses found it hard to get the right loan to expand their businesses. These loans came with many benefits for borrowers.

Long-term Financing

An SBA loan allows you to get access to financing that you repay after 20 years. This means you have 240 payments to clear the loan. This extended period gives you time to plan your budget, which makes financial management easier.

Better Cash Flow

SBA loans offer mixed use property financing of up to 90 percent of your project needs. This enables you to conserve your working capital as well as retain your liquidity. This allows you to meet your business operating needs easily.

Fixed-Interest Rates

These loans come at fixed-interest rates for the whole term. This gives you affordable payments spread over a long period. Predictable monthly payments also allow you to manage your finances effortlessly.

Multiple Ownership Options

You can apply for SBA loans using various business ownership plans. For instance, you can apply as a single entity, or you can combine with other small businesses to form a holding company before you apply for the loan. Either way, you get all you need to complete your project.


These loans are flexible. It doesn’t matter whether you are an established or a start-up business, you can still qualify for the loan. It also doesn’t matter how long you have been in business. This gives you a better chance as a business.

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